Diversions #6 and Midnight Stranger Special Edition Now Available at DriveThru Comics

 Diversions #6 is here!

Super-heroes, sci-fi, and sword and sorcery! Who but mighty Blue Moon gives you such a mix of genres? 

It all starts with the origin of Mark F Davis' The Unbeatable Brick! When fighter pilot Mort Mason discovers another dimension, he finds himself irrevocably changed into a monstrous manipulator of his own molecules! Story by Lloyd Smith, art by David Johnson Jr.

Writer/artist Chris Malgrain contributes a tale of risk and redemption for a space-faring couple with "The Swamp of Shadows!"

Kragor the Savage returns to battle a demonic force that would give even Lovecraft nightmares in "Chamber of Darkness!" Written by Lloyd Smith and illustrated by Kent Clark.

Cover art by David Johnson Jr.

Midnight Stranger Special Edition #1 has arrived!

At the stroke of midnight, someone tried to murder billionaire Benjamin Blake. Instead of dying, Blake was left in a coma, his body on life-support, but his mind alert and searching...searching for revenge! When the extra-dimensional being known as Siege-L hears Blake's plea, they strike a bargain...Siege-L would use Blake's body as a portal to Earth--and together they would wreak havoc on evil as The Midnight Stranger

Four mind-bending tales of crime and punishment from the pages of Will Lill's Fun Adventure Comics and Blue Moon's Diversions are collected in one place at one time, at last! Stories by Lloyd Smith, art by Joe Koziarski!

Cover art by Joe Koziarski

Both issues are on sale now for 99¢ each at DriveThru Comics!