Diversions #3 Preview!

 Blue Moon Comics is proud to announce that Diversions #3 is at the printer! Here's a preview of what you'll get in our special "Crime Busters" issue...

Night Spider stars on this JW Erwin cover!

Night Spider must rescue the kidnapped CSE from the mad genius, Megabyte! 
(Art by JW Erwin)
Black Rose is framed for murder! (Art by David Vance)
Midnight Stranger returns to bring justice on a group of murderous hijackers! 
(Art by Joe Koziarski)

All stories written by Lloyd (The Groovy Agent) Smith! We'll update with the on sale date very soon. Stay tuned!

Diversions #2 and Ash-Aman Special Edition #1 Now Available on IndyPlanet!

Diversions #2 (featuring Night Spider, Guns & Rosa, Other Worlds, and Mr. EEEE's Vault of Shadows with art by JW Erwin, Joe Koziarski, Greg Rieves, and Ian Groff) and Ash-Aman Special Edition #1 (featuring art by Russ Martin) are now available for print or digital download from IndyPlanet. Print copies are $3.50 (plus shipping). Digital (.pdf) copies are $1.49.

Ash-Aman Special Edition #1 Promo featured on Time To Go Indie Now Episode 50

A HUGE "Thank You" to Joe Compton for creating an awesome promo for Ash-Aman Special Edition #1 and making it part of his special 50th Time To Go Indie Now episode! The promo starts at 42:34, but I recommend that you watch the whole show if you want to delve into tons of cool indie art!

Remember you can order .pdf  copies of Ash-Aman Special Edition #1  for $1.75 from DriveThru Comics here or download digital copies from ComiXology for $1.99 here.

Diversions #2 NOW ON SALE!

Diversions #2 brings you FOUR far-out features!

More crime-solving super-heroics featuring NIGHT SPIDER! Art by JW Erwin!

Science fantasy on OTHER WORLDS with "Kra-Kaduum!" Art by Greg Rieves!

A brand new tale of Wild West revenge  GUNS & ROSA style! Art by Joe Koziarski!

A chilling tale of shadowy spite from MISTER EEEE'S VAULT OF SHADOWS! Art by Ian Groff!

All stories written by Lloyd (The Groovy Agent) Smith!

Available now @ DriveThru Comics and on the Comichaus app! Coming soon to IndyPlanet!

Ash-Aman Special Edition #1 On Sale Now!

Available from ComiXology, DriveThru, and Comichaus! Coming soon to IndyPlanet!