Joeseph Simon Talks to Lloyd Smith About Ash-Aman and Kragor!

 Check out this interview Joeseph Simon did with Lloyd Smith about Ash-Aman and Kragor for First Comics News, "Getting Barbaric with Kragor the Savage and Ash Aman Creator Lloyd Smith"! We'd like to thank Joeseph and First Comics News for the opportunity!

Diversions #4 and Guns & Rosa Special Edition #1 On Sale Now At DriveThruComics!

 Diversions #4 and Guns & Rosa Special Edition On Sale Now At DriveThruComics for only $1.75 per .pdf copy! 

Diversions #4 is here at last!

Under the stunning Steven Butler (with colors by Mort Todd) cover you'll find awesome tales of heroism and action!

Introducing the late, great Donnie Page's U.S. FLAG and LIBERTY LAD! From the unopened files of WWII comes the story of the Starred and Striped Sentinel's battle against the evil of Von Loke and, you won't believe it until you see it! Art by Donnie Page and John Gentil.

NIGHT SPIDER is on the trail of a murderous creature from your worst nightmares in "Nights of the Iguana! Part 1" with art by JW Erwin.

Plus a re-mastered look at the debut of the sci-fi Men of Mystery, MAX MIRACLE, as the meet "Liv Elaine at the Center of the Universe!" Art by Joe Koziarski!

All this and a special faux Snazzy Snak Cakes ad featuring NIGHT SPIDER illustrated by JW Erwin!

All stories written by Lloyd (The Groovy Agent) Smith!

Guns & Rosa Special Edition #1 is blasting your way!

Saddle up, Pardners! The first two GUNS & ROSA tales from Diversions issues 1 and 2 are collected for the first time. Join writer Lloyd Smith and artist Joe Koziarski as we follow the beautiful lady known only as Rosa through the Old West and straight down the Vengeance Trail! Plus a wild and wooly sci-fi Western mash-up to boot!

Blue Moon to Be Featured ON COMiX NEWS WIRE 12/17/2020 @ 11:11am

 Our Blue Moon Comics 99 cent sale at DriveThruComics will be featured on COMiX NEWS WIRE's news program tomorrow (12/18) at 11:11am! Special thanks to Catherine M Anderson for making this happen! COMiX NEWS WIRE

Aaaand, the sale's still going strong! Get your digital copies from DriveThru for 99 cents each!