Ash-Aman Special Edition Coming Spring 2020!

Lloyd Smith and Russ Martin's 32 page Ash-Aman Saga, originally presented in Will Lill's Fun Adventure Comics issues 7-10 (June-September 2018) will now be collected into one black and white comic, Ash-Aman Special Edition #1. The project will be published by Blue Moon Comics in the spring of 2020. The new volume will feature a short piece by Smith on the creation of Ash-Aman.

Publisher Smith hopes to follow Ash-Aman Special Edition #1 with Special Edition collections of features from future issues of Diversions and perhaps even collections of classic Blue Moon material from the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Sneak Preview #2!

Here's another early holiday gift--the splash page for the debut of Guns & Rosa in Diversions #1! Don't forget, Diversions #1 is heading your way in early 2020! Check back here for more updates!

Sneak Preview #1!

Here's an early holiday gift--the splash page for the debut of Night Spider in Diversions #1! Remember, Diversions #1 is heading your way in early 2020! Stay tuned for more updates!

Blue Moon Comics Returns to Publishing in 2020 with Diversions!

Lloyd Smith's Blue Moon Comics Group returns to publishing after nearly two decades with the first issue of Diversions in 2020! Diversions will be a 28 page black and white anthology featuring short stories in a variety of genres, all created, co-created, scripted, and/or written by Smith with art by a dazzling array of amazing artists. The stories will be written in a style that pays tribute to the Bronze Age (or as Smith has coined it on his Diversions of the Groovy Kind blog, "The Groovy Age"), even to the point that they could have "passed" the Comics Code Authority of the time.

The first issue of Diversions will deliver three new features Night Spider: a "creature of the night" type mystery man with plot and art by JW Erwin; Guns & Rosa: a western strip about a vengeful young woman who wanted to be a nun but wound up a gunslinger with art by Joe Koziarski; and  "King of the Hill" a science fiction fable (part of the anthology-within-the-anthology Other Worlds) about a lone man on a planet filled with killer ants with pencils by Donnie Page, inks by Ken McFarlane, and tones & lettering by Mort Todd.

Future issues will feature more Night Spider, Guns & Rosa, and Other Worlds stories as well as new Midnight Stranger and Kragor tales, more new characters, reprints of classic Blue Moon strips, and lots more.

"I hope Diversions will thrill fans of my old Blue Moon Comics imprint, fans of my Diversions of the Groovy Kind blog, and hopefully a whole new generation of comicbook fans," declared Smith.