Diversions #1 Available on comiXology NOW!

Diversions #1 is NOW available on @comiXology Submit! Be sure to check it out! #cXSubmit https://bit.ly/35GrJgG

Get Your Diversions (#1) From a Variety of Sources!

While most distribution of print comics is temporarily on hold, digital comics are easy to get! You can now get your own .pdf version of  Diversions #1 via Comichaus.com, as well as through IndyPlanet and DriveThruComics! Even if you're a true-blue-lover of print comics, we hope you might consider tiding yourself over with some digital Diversions! Stay well!

Diversions #1 Now Available at IndyPlanet!

Diversions #1 is now on sale at IndyPlanet! Digital versions can be downloaded immediately for only $1.49! You may pre-order print copies ($3.50 plus shipping), which should  be ready for shipping after April 9 (if Orlando, Florida's "Stay-at-Home" orders are lifted by then)! We appreciate you patience and look forward to your support!

And remember, we'd like to run a letters page, so if you get a copy of Diversions #1 (print or digital, doesn't matter!), please e-mail us or leave a comment on our FaceBook page! We want to hear from you!

Blue Moon Wants YOU for Diversions Dialogue!

We want to run a letters page in future issues of Diversions, Diversions Dialogue, so we're going to need your help. After you've bought and read your copy of Diversions (digital or print, either one's fine), please consider sharing your thoughts with us either on our Facebook page (@bluemooncomicsgroup) or via e-mail (thegroovyagent@yahoo.com). If you'd like us to print your Letter of Comment (either the whole or in part) please mark it "okay to print." As an added incentive, we'll send you a free digital copy of the issue your comments appear in! Thanks in advance! We look forward to hearing from you!