Blue Moon Comics was created in 1988 by Lloyd Smith, who had the desire to create anthology comics. Smith put an ad in the late, lamented Comics Buyer's Guide, and immediately received samples from dozens of talented creators. The members of the "Blue Moon Bullpen" worked for a year, forging bonds and creating fun comics, but due to many outside forces, the comics never saw the light of day.

A decade later, Blue Moon was revived and dusted off. Again, dozens of talented creators joined in, and this time the "Blue Moon Bullpen's" comicbook creations saw the light of day. From 1998-2002, a half dozen issues of the oversized Mystery Adventure Tales, two oversized issues of Infinite Tales, then a few issues each of such digest-sized titles as Infinite Tales, Blue Moon Superheroes, Vault of Shadows, Blue Moon Spotlight, Power Corps, and more were all distributed via mail-order. The books enjoyed favorable reviews and a cult following. Again, though, as all things do, Blue Moon ran its course after enjoying moderate success.

The third time is, hopefully, the charm. After Blue Moon Comics publisher/creator Lloyd Smith spent the years following the "Blue Moon Phase 2" blogging as "The Groovy Agent" at Diversions of the Groovy Kind (almost daily for ten years, still going with sporadic posts) and writing comics for publishers like The Creeps magazine, Will Lill Comics, Lucky Comics, Golden Era, and more, Smith feels the time is right to bring back Blue Moon Comics for "Phase 3."

With the help of amazing artists like JW Erwin, Joe Koziarski, Greg Rieves, Russ Martin, and more, Blue Moon has launched Diversions, an anthology comic featuring a variety of characters and genres, including super-heroes, sword and sorcery, westerns, sci-fi, horror, and more all done with a Bronze Age sensibility but set in today's world...or the past, or the future...