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Diversions #1
Fabulous first issue of Blue Moon Comics' flagship title! This exciting black and white anthology features three breath-taking stories written by Lloyd (The Groovy Agent) Smith! You'll thrill to street-level superheroics with Night Spider thanks to the awesome artistry of JW Erwin! You chill to the creepy science-fantasy fable, "King of the Hill" with its captivating Donnie Page/Ken McFarlane/Mort Todd art! But, please, don't spill the explosive ending to the origin of Guns & Rosa as exquisitely illustrated by Joe Koziarski! 

Order .pdf copy for $1.75 from DriveThru Comics here.

Order digital copies for $1.49 or print copies for $3.50 (plus shipping) from IndyPlanet here. 

JW Erwin Original Art Prints from Lajalo Studio available here.