Diversions Issues 9 AND 10 Now Available at DriveThruComics!

 Diversions #9 features an undersea adventure featuring Depthon of the Deep with art by Donnie Page and Coink Adink. Next, The Midnight Stranger brings justice to modern-day pirates with art by Kent Clark. Plus, we bring you the Blue Moon classic from the Vault of Shadows: No Man Can Stop...Toombora! with art by Phil Fried and the great Dick Ayers. And finally, Unbeatable Brick takes on The Iron Baron and Elektrisch with art by JW Erwin. Cover by Donnie Page and Coink Adink. 

Diversions #10 features Unbeatable Brick as he takes on another super-hero who literally came from the past with art by Donnie Page, Jeff Austin, and Jessica Wahlstedt. Next, Kragor faces a beautiful but deadly witch with an even more deadly secret with art by Ian Groff. And to close out the issue, two Vault of Shadows short shockers: a father and his two children take on fear itself in "For Goodness Sake" with art by Ed Quinby and Jessica Wahlstedt. And a twist on the Frankenstein Monster legend is the premise of "Heart of a Monster" with art by David Vance. All this and an Unbeatable Brick pin-up by Dana Black aaand Kragor stars in a Snazzy Snak Cakes "ad" with art by JW Erwin. Cover by Donnie Page, Steven Butler, and Mort Todd.