Marvel/Archie Artist Steven Butler Joins Blue Moon Comics Publisher Lloyd Smith in Brand New Project: UNTAMED REALMS!

 Though they've never yet met face-to-face, Lloyd Smith and Steven Butler have been friends for many years thanks to social media and their shared love of many topics. Over the years, they have plotted many times to produce a comic, or at least a story, that would showcase their mutual love for comics of the Bronze Age. The time has finally arrived with Untamed Realms, a Sword & Sorcery anthology which they've co-created and co-plotted. Smith will script/letter/color the book and of course Butler will provide the pencils and inks. On their Untamed Realms FaceBook page, the Brothers of the Bronze Age have revealed the alternate cover art for the first issue, spotlighting the back-up feature, Rama of the Flashing Sword (pencils/inks by Butler, colors by Smith).

Smith and Butler have promised to release a look at the star of the lead feature (along with logos) once the Untamed Realms FaceBook group reaches at least 350 members.

This will be Blue Moon Comics' first crowdfunded project, so Smith and Butler are concocting not only the best comics of their lives, but lots of exciting extras to be used as promotions and rewards. These items include shirts, posters, stickers, mugs, phone cases, and more. We'll share more information as it becomes available, but to keep up in real-time we urge you to Join the Tribe and sign up for the Untamed Realms FaceBook group!