Diversions #12 and Kragor Special Editon #1 Now Live On IndyPlanet!

 Diversions #12: Zombie soldier G.R.U.N.T. Unit 8 takes us to an Apocalyptic future where aliens rule! (Art by David Vance)  In Guns & Rosa, it’s back to the Old West as our anti-heroine faces another member of the Caulder Gang! (Art by Kent Clark) Kragor the Savage fights soldiers and demons in the Ancient World! (Art by Marcello Rosmini)  Hugh Hazzard and Robo save a mad genius from Nazi spies in WW II! (Art by David Johnson Jr.) Four complete tales of action and adventure! Follow the link here

Kragor the Savage Special Edition #1: Every sword-slinging Kragor tale in one place at one time–in full color! Thrill to Kragor’s exciting exploits as he battles wizards, warriors, witches, monsters, and more! Incredible art by Louis Sollune, Ian Groff, David Johnson Jr., Kent Clark, Marcello Rosmini, and JW Erwin! Follow the link here