Brand New Blue Moon Comics On Sale Now @ DriveThruComics and GlobalComix

 Blue Moon Comics Group is proud to announce that Commodore Dinosaur #1 and Dark Side of the Blue Moon #1 are both available in digital format @ DriveThruComics and GlobalComix. Here is the rundown on both magnificent mags: 

COMMODORE DINOSAUR #1: The ORIGIN of Brad Olrich's sci-fi pulp hero Commodore Dinosaur! Find out how the dashing Commodore Dilton Densmore's exploration of a a lost city of the Aztecs trapped him in the body of an ancient alien god in "The Quest of Quetzalcoatl!" 

Written, Drawn, Lettered, and Colored by Brad Olrich

24 pages

Full Color

DARK SIDE OFTHE BLUE MOON #1: Four classic Blue Moon Comics mystery/horror tales presented in full color for the first time!  

-Midnight Stranger brings a group of murdering thieves to justice  in "Depot of Death" with art by Joe Koziarski 

-A man in a coma seeks revenge in "Wayne's Shadow" with art by Ian Groff

-A "Good Old Boy" living in a dystopian future learns there's "No Place Like Home" with art by Marcello Rosmini

-Worlds are conquered by "Kra-Kaduum!" with art by Greg Rieves. 

Plus two new features: 

-Marcello Rosmini's darkly humorous "Till Death Dooleys Part" 

-"Special Delivery" a prose tale written by Lloyd Smith and inspired by JW Erwin's eerie cover.

Written by Lloyd Smith, Marcello Rosmini

Art by JW Erwin, Joe Koziarski, Ian Groff, Marcello Rosmini, Greg Rieves

36 pages

Full Color

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